Have you ever done something without planning? Have you been successful nonetheless?

Think about your learning a musical instrument, practicing a kind of sport, or enrolling in a college or university.

Right, you have always had a plan (the curriculum), there were people to guide you (the teachers or mentors), and you had access to learning materials (text books and lessons).

Strategic Planning

You will learn how to prepare a well-designed language learning plan outlining your track to fluency.

Personal Coaching

Your mentor will help you use your methods and tools, and help you tackle any kind of obstacle.

Learning Tools

Find out about the tools that are right for you, and stay away from inefficient approaches.


Many people want to know a foreign language, few are willing to take the route to fluency.

There is no easy way to get there, and your journey won't be hard either. There is only a steady turning of the flywheel which eventually will gain momentum.

We are working with people with serious ambitions. Everything else would just be a waste of time and money.


How can a soccer coach help someone who wants to play soccer well? How can a piano teacher make the student play your favourite songs? How can a career coach make you reach your career goals in less time?



"I am quite the beginner when it comes to speaking in German. Carsten gave me many helpful methods of learning for starting to express myself in German. I am eager to continue lessons with Carsten. I'm glad I scheduled the lesson."

Erik Marquez

"A great class. Carsten has given us excellent tips about how to orientation our learning. The session was helpful and very funny too. We will repeat."


"Carsten takes time to explain you what's important. And he teachs you how to learn very easier. Just great!!! Wie immer! Vielen Dank Carsten!"